SEO Tips to Get Back Links

The people that are used to with SEO knows it very well that back links are the essential; your website needs to be discovered when people put into the search terms. And on this basis Google ranks the websites.To get the authentication in terms of ranking people use linking strategies such that they build the links around the discussion forums and blogs. The same we will also do in the later part of our plan to accomplish the task. But this is what most of the persons are doing, so, our efforts will bear the fruit if we invent something new to do the same task. SEO can be very easily done on wordpress website as compared to others. WordPress website can be easily optimized.

Back Links

For your ease I am sharing with you here my very unique tactics, you may find very interesting to deal with.

1-   Web 2.0 profiles

You may also have observed that most of the websites provides you with the option to create your profile and meet new people. You can take advantage of that and build your ‘do follow’ link on that website for your profile which turns out to be the most extravagant way to get a high quality back link so easily.

The websites that comes in handy for this purpose are etc

2-   Squidoo lists

It is very easy to get used to with Squidoo work terminology and it plays a very important in bringing the traffic to your site.

Just type in the Google search “add+to+this+list” Upon doing this you will be seeing a vast list of Squidoo lenses to add your website there. A great many of them have very high Page Rank.

For further targeting your articles with the search terms you can also add keyword axiom for relevance.

3-   EDU Links

Edu links are very important for bringing the traffic to your website. Now just imagine that you have a complete article on the educational website despite of having a tiny comment.

The question arises is that how will accomplish this task. For this you have to be in contact with a student, since, students are provided the space on the institution website. If that student likes your article, he may put it in his space on the website.

Now the most tricky part is that how will get the co-operation of such a student and most important of all, where can you find such a student. You can search for such students among your circle of friends. Moreover, your friends may have little brother and sisters of university going age.

Back Links

So here is your trick and solution to get over the scenario. Article Marketing So here you are concerned with writing the article to get the back links, instead of just fetching the Traffic, which you will ultimately receive. What you do here is that you put in the link to your website so that you get a back link. The idea that works here is that the more the articles are posted, the more back links you achieve.

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